Website import

If the website you import have a large database it is preferable to make the import at other times than prime time for the website so that the visitors browsing will not be slowed down.

Website import to another server

In order to import a website you need the sva-file you created during the export. If you are logged in as systemuser you can fetch the file in <url>/webdav/data/archive.

From here you can get the file if you are to use it as a copy.

This file should be saved on the server where SiteVision is located beneath
/sitevision/data/archive - om man har Windows
/var/opt/sitevision/data/archive - om man har Linux

When the sva-file is in the correct location you highlight the location to where you would like to import the website. If it should be a separat website you need to logged in as a system user since you need to highlight the server object.

Do the followingr:

1. Ensure the .sva-file is in the correct location.
2. Highlight the server object and click the icon to create a new page.
create new website
3. A new window will open. Select the icon for Import pages to the left. Click in the white window in order to fetch the list with the available alternatives. Then the .sva files located beneath /archive will appear:
import pages

Overwrite existing information

If checking this box you will restore the website, it will have the same id number on pages, files and images.

If you select this option when importing a website it will over write the original.

4. Select the file to import. Click Ok.
5. A new window will open where you see the status of the import:
6. When the import is done, the window will close. If you do not see the imported website, highlight the server object and choose Update.

Website import on the same server as the original

If you would like to import a website on the same server as you did the export on you do not need to move the .sva-file, it is in the correct location already.

In order to be able to fetch the .sva-file (if it is to be imported to another server) you have to be logged in as the system user.

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