Manual user update

When an object in the directory has been browsed to or searched for you can update it by choosing Update. You can do this by right clicking the directory object
refresh user

When you perform a Refresh SiteVision will reread the object from the directory so the information about the object located in the directory matches what SiteVision knows about the object.

When could a manual refresh be needed?

If the data SiteVision has about an object is not corresponding with the information in the directory. Some examples of what might influence this is:

  • How the settings for the automatic user updates are set up
  • SiteVision has had communicationproblems with the directory
  • If the directory has gone down before SiteVision has gotten answers to asked queries from the directory
  • If SiteVision has been down when the directory has been updated

Updates of all directory objects

If the SiteVision data is entirely out of sync with the directory you can make reread everything from the directory. The manual user update (refresh) is usually to prefer both regarding prestanda and time if there are only a few number of objects out of sync. More information about the manual function of user refresh can be found beneath automatic user refresh.

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