Relative units

New websites

If you create a new website the template font BODY is pre set for relative units (pre set for 0.7em about 11px), the other three default template fonts are set in percent from BODY. All other fonts you create you need to set in percent from BODY.

For instance a small text 90%, Sub heading about 140%.

A Tip! To calculate the relative unit (em) you can use the pixel measure/16/0.7 (or what you set the BODY to).

Older websites

If you have an older website that does not have BODY pre set or if you would like to edit the size of the BODY, read this paragraph:

If you would like to use relative units, em, you only need to type it in the size field for a template font. Preferably on the template font BODY. This font should only to be used as a base for the other template fonts and not for text on the website.

Do the following:

1. Hight light the template font BODY

2. Click the Properties button. Set the size in em. If you would like a measure corresponding to 12 pixels you do the calculation: 12/16 = about 0.75em. Fill in this value in the size field.

Screenshot of a font of relative units

Observe! No space between 0.75em. Use punctuation, not a comma.

Ensure the template font is Resizable and make the other settings (fontface, color, line height)

4. Go to the tab Link style. For each link style ensure the size is set to 100 % by clicking on the button.

All four link styles needs to be set to 100% on this template font.

Screenshot of the template font body
5. Go to the tab Advanced. Ensure that "Used for BODY -> Yes" is active.
Screenshot of advanced settings for body
Observe! No template font should have a CSS class name BODY. No class names should begin with the letter H or T since Netscape 4 interprets this as a heading.
6. Now this template font is ready. The remaining measures you fill in from the template font where you have set the em measure. For instance text 100%, sub heading 130%. Do not forget to edit the link style if desired.

A Tip! To calculate the relative unit (em) you can use the pixel measure/16/0.7 (or what you set the BODY to).

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