All types of metadata fields have the tabs General, Search, Advanced, and Security. In addition to these are the different types of one or two tabs that are unique to that particular type of metadata. Read more about the unique tabs at the page Examples all metadata types.

Here are different kinds of settings concerning how the metadata field should be treated by the system. The checkboxes can vary depending on metadata definition.

Screenshot of the tab Advanced


Mandatory field

In order to publish a page (when this alternative is ticked) there must be a value in the metadata field. I.e. the user must always set a value or a value must be inherited.

Insertable in portlets

Decides if the value is possible to insert into SiteVision porlets.


Inherit value automatically

If this checkbox is ticked a value will always be inherited from the parent if there are no settings made on the current page.

Inheritance of values are not allowed

If this checkbox is ticked the user cannot choose to let the page inherit a value from the parent. You use this setting if you want to force the users to add a value of their own and not to take it from another page.

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