Fill in a metadata value

A metadata value can be changed on two locations. Beneath Properties on the metadata tab on each side/object but also in the publishing wizard.


If you right click on a page and select Properties and the tab Information (metadata) it will look something like below:

Screenshot of the tab Information metadata

Here you add the values to the fields. Some of the fields like Sidans namn and Färg are gray because they are system values. I.e. the system will fetch these values automatically.

A red asterisk ( * ) mean the field is mandatory and needs to be filled out in order to publish the page.

You can have different versions of metadata on a page which means you always have to publish the changes you make for them to appear online.

At publishing

It is also possible to add the metadata value at publishing. Click the icon for publishing. The publishing wizard will open. Beneath step two, Metadata, in the wizard you can fill in metadata values the same way as described above.

Screenshot of the publishing wizard

System value and Connection to Image/ Text will not show in the publishing wizard since the values cannot be changed.

If the administrator has decided that a metadata is mandatory they need to be filled out every time a new page is created in order for the page to be published. If the editor tries to publish without filling in the metadata a window will appear informing the editor of which mandatory metadata values have not been filled in.

Screenshot of error message

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