Tutorial access requirements

Beneath Access requirements you can set up requirements for protocol in order to reach certain pages on the website. This is useful if you for instance would like certain pages to be encrypted but not the entire website.

If you download a file via https a browser setting must be done in Internet Explorer. Choose the menu Tools and then Internet Options. Beneath the tab Advanced and the sub title Security there is a check box: Do not save encrypted pages on disc. Ensure this is activated in Internet Explorer. Read more about file downloads over HTTPS at: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/q812935

3. Set the access requirements on the website and on the pages that should be encrypted

If you are to use this solution we recommend you to set HTTP on the website (not SSL). There after you go to the sub pages where you want HTTPS and select that option.

Highlight the website and choose Properties. Beneath Security, choose the tab Access requirements.

Check the following box:
Enables access to the page via the HTTP protocol.
Highlight the page you would like to be encrypted. Choose Properties. Beneath Security, choose the tab Access Requirement and check the box.

Enables access to the page only via SSL encrypted requests. If a visitor via HTTP tries to reach the page the request will be rerouted automatically via HTTPS.

This will be inherited from pages above in the hierarchy.

If you do not have HTTP on the website, all pages you browse to after have been on an encrypted page will be shown as https.

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