NTLM authentication

NTLM is a login method mainly used by Internet Explorer. This login method enables automatic login for SiteVision.

There are certain limitations:

  • NTLM does not work if there is a web proxy between the user and the SiteVision-server.
  • Will only function if the "Integrated windows-login" is activated in Internet Explorer.
  • The address used to reach the SiteVision server must be in the zone "Local intranet" in Internet Explorer. Otherwise there will be a windows login where you have to log in manually.
  • In certain environments the caching of password in local profile makes the password change not become active in the NTLM authentication.
  • The users logging in through this method must be located in the first directory service if there are several directories.
Settings for NTLM-login



SiteVision authenticate the user towards this server through the CIFS-protocol. Commonly the directory service is located on the same server.

Allowed addresses:

Here you add the ip addresses concerned by this login method. It is important that all ip addresses added fill the above requirements. Multiple ip ranges are separated with a comma character (e.g., If the field is left empty all ip addresses are concerned.

Autenticering mot Windows 2003 Server

Windows 2003 Server uses SMB signing by default. In order for SiteVision to authenticate toward these servers some additional parameters are required to be specified in the system.properties file. The parameters are the following:


myusername is the username for a user utilized to sign information sent to the server. It can be any user. mypassword is the password for this user. mydomain is the domain the user belongs to.

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