Access control

In order to set up access control it is required that SiteVision is connected to a directory service.

The management of access control and permission rights can be done for specific pages or for a complete branch. The tab Access control is located beneath properties for each page. Beneath this tab the users are given the different roles that grant them different permission rights on the web site.


To the left beneath Name are the users/groups listed who have been granted one or several roles for the specific page.

Add user

If a user is not located in the list they can be added with the plus sign. A new window will open where you can add users from existing directories. When a user is in the list they need to have a role associated with them.

A tip! Use folders and groups to ease the administering of access control.

Remove user

Highlight the user you would like to remove and click the minus sign. Observe you are only removing the access control on the current page/branch for the user. He will not be removed from the directory. A new window will open with a question:

remove user warning
  • Yes- The highlighted user´s access control will disappear from the page
  • No- You will abort the removal of access control for the user.
  • Remove all- You will remove all permission rights for all users on the page. The page will also become non public. So if it is a public website you should ensure the page is public again.


Highlight a user in the list and click on Properties, you will then see the properties for the user.

properties for user

This function requires permission to Manage rights.


To the right beneath Roles are available roles listed. In order to allow a user/group a role you select the user in the list on the left and then select the desired role on the right. A role is a number of chosen rights.

Add role

Click the plus sign in order to add a role.

The rights a role can consist of is divided on three tabs: General, Portlet rights, Login requirements. Read more about these beneath Rights. Check the rights that should be associated with the role and click Ok.

Remove role

In order to remove a role, Click the "remove" button to the right of the name of the role.

Edit role

Click the Properties button to the right of the name of the role in order to edit the role.

properties button

This function requires the rights to Manage roles.

A new window will open where you can add or remove rights for the role.

Sort roles

The sorting of roles is important since you only have permission to edit rights corresponding to your own or roles with lesser rights. Therefor the role with the most permission rights should be located on top of the list. If you have the permission Manage roles (role administrator) you have the right to sort roles.

When clicking on sort a new window will open where you edit the order by using the up and down arrows.

sort roles

Changes in access control are not needed to be published (only saved). Depending on the changes made you might have to updated the page (for read rights) or go to viewing mode (for editing rights).

Icons on the bottom

Page is public

If checking this box no login is required to read the page.

When building a web site this box is usually not checked. When you would like you web site to go public you check this box so that the visitors are not required to log in. On a log in page this box should always be checked.

Allow propagation from parent

If this box is unchecked no permission rights will be inherited to the current page.

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