Beneath this tab you can make settings regarding accessibility on the website.
Screenshot of the tab accessibility

Options related to accessibility

Use additional accessibility support

Accessibility is important for physically impaired people. In order to make websites more accessible for people you can activate this alternative. In SiteVision it means the system will give you reminders about:

  • link descriptions
  • Image descriptions
  • table description and column/row headings

Use CSS columns

If you do not wish to use layouts build by tables when creating page templates you can use CSS columns. These behave somewhat different then tables, so you need to be more thorough when you create the templates and add content on the pages (follow the measures indicated by the page template.)

Perform W3C validation at publish

Checks if the code validates on the page created at publishing. If the page validates there will be a "green result":

Screenshot of the validation control
If the page does not validate, there will be a "red result". Click the button Show report in order to see the result.
Screenshot of validation control

Click W3C report in order to see the result. A new page will be opened with the result from W3C.

Accessibility test page at publish

Check this box if you would like to activate an automatic accessibility test to be run at each publishing of a page.

The accessibility test will among other things check heading level, if alt and title is used on text and images, tables, that old attributes are not used in the code. The accessibility test works as the link check and you will have a result at publishing of the page. If Ok there will be a "green result":

Screenshot of the accessibility test

Otherwise there will be a "yellow result" which means the page have accessibility warnings:

Accessibility warning

Otherwise there will be a "red result", which means the page have accessibility errors.

Screenshot of accessibility errors

Click on Show report in order to see the result.

Accessibility problems

Activate automatic accessibility test

Gives a comprehensive view of the accessibility on the website. Click the button Configure in order to decide when the test is to be performed and to whom the result should be sent to. An email will be sent with a report of which pages where the automatic control has found accessibility problems. A new dialog will be opened:

  • Start time - when the report is run the first time
  • Repeat - indicates if the report run every day/hour/week/month

Run now

If you don´t want to have a scheduled test, click the button Run accessibility test now.

This function requires the right "site properties".

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