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With access keys you can navigate the website by using preset quick keys. Here you can configure these keys. In order to add an access key, click the plus sign. A new window will open and you need to fill in Name (access key) and the Address (where the access key should lead).
Below are guidelines from the swedish authority 24-timmarsmyndigheten of which keys should be used to what:
S — Go straight to the text content on a page
0 — About the website, accessibility information
1 — Start page
2 — News
3 — Web map
4 — Search function
5 — FAQ
6 — Help
7 — Contact
8 — Legal information

Depending on the browser and/or your operating system you activate the access keys differently. In Internet Explorer on Window you activate the access key "Start page" by ALT+1 followed by Enter.

In order to remove an access key you select it in the list and click the minus sign. To edit an access key, click the properties button.

In order to have the access key S to function correctly you need to create an external link to the name of the content area. E.g if the content area on the pages is named Mittenspalt you create an external link to #Mittenspalt.

This function requires the right Site properties.

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