Active users

Here you can see the users currently logged on to the website. In this case there are two users logged on as system users.

Active users


Name of the person logged in or user name. Will have the value anonymous if the visistor is not logged in.

Inactive (minutes)

Displays the time in minutes since the user actively did something on the website.

Allowed inactivity (Minutes)

How long a user can be active without becoming logged out. By default 30 minutes for viewing mode and 24 hours in editing mode. If you would like to change the setting for viewing mode you edit this on Server properties -> tab Server
-> Sessions timeout.

Login time

The actual time when the user logged in.


There are two alternatives: viewing mode or editing mode. This enables the administrator to see if someone is editing at the moment and can inform of for instance a system restart.

Current page

Displays the last page the user visited.

Remote address

Shows the IP address of the visitor.
To receive current information you can click Refresh.

Include anonymous

If you would like to see visitors (not logged in) in the list Active users you check this box  and click on Refresh.

You can sort the table if you click on a heading.

This function requires the right Site properties.

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