Add user

If you click on add user you can add a user from an existing directory ang give them permission rights on the website.


Here you can add an already existing user/group from the directory. If you have the correct permission rights you can also add a new user/group that is not in the directory.

Read more about adding an existing user/group
Read more about adding a new user in the directory
Read more about adding a new group in the directory

Läs mer om att lägga till en ny användare i katalogtjänsten

Läs mer om att lägga till en ny grupp i katalogtjänsten

IP address range

Gives visitors from a certain IP address range read rights. Is used to make password protected pages available without login on for instance an intranet.
ip address range
Instead of selecting a user in the directory (which must be associated with a role) you can associate one (or an entire range) ip addresses with a role. If you come from a computer with a certain ip number you will automatically be associated with a read role without logging in. E.g. if you would like all with the ip number ending with 21 to 100 should be logged in automatically.
Observe! This is add on functionality and will only show if you have a license for this.
Observe! Remember that if all visitors come through a firewall it should be set to let through the visitor's ip addresses otherwise SiteVision can not see from where the visitor comes.

Authenticated users

Choose this option to add all logged in users. I.e. when they are logged in the belong to the group authenticated user and you can give them permission rights on for instance the file and image archive.
authenticated users

Virtual groups

Here you can add already created virtual groups.

Read more about virtual groups.

add a virtual group
Permission rights! This portlet/function requires permission to "Manage rights".

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