Additional HEAD elements

Here you can add an HEAD element which will be located "above" the page.
Screenshot of the tab Head elements
Click the plus sign to add an element in head. A new window will open Create Head element:

If you are adding custom CSS, Schema, or Javascript in head you need to have deep knowledge of the area. If configured incorrectly it might have effects for the web siten. There are different rules about how stylesheets and alternate stylesheets works that you need to have knowledge about before adding head elements. The same goes for Conditional Comments.

Remove HEAD element

Select the head element in the list and click the minus sign.

Sort HEAD element

You can sort the head elements by highlighting one in the list and click the up or down arrow.

The order of head elements is important if you have dependencies e.g. between javascript files. Currently the head element which is added on the start page will be written first, then elements on sub pages and so on.

Inheritance settings

Inherit settings

The settings will be inherited from parent. Is not activated on the page where the element is added.

Change and propagate settings

With this option you stop the inheritance and start a new propagation with new values.

Local settings independent of inheritance

Used if you would like to have a local setting but still have the propagation continuing.

It is not possible to remove a propagation. If you only would like an RSS source on the start page you select "Local setting..."

This function requires the right Manage head elements.

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