Here you create short addresses to different parts of the website or the entire website. The addresses in SiteVision consists of the id the web page is using in the system. This is fairly long and the addresses might therefor not be suitable for e.g. print (for example

SiteVision has a built in alias function where you can shorten addresses to an easier format according to the following: where alias can be for instance “login". This address is then connected to desired page in SiteVision.

You do this by clicking the plus sign. A new window will open:
Screenshot of alias, example

Here you add the new name and browse to the address to the page you want a shortaddress for. Instead of typing the entire search path or looking in menus you can type demoweb/login (in this example the address to the website is demoweb) and you will easily reach the login page.

In order to remove an alias you select it in the list and click the minus sign. To edit an alias, click the properties button.

Add an www address pointing to a single page

E.g if the address should be displayed on the page

1. Ensure that the DNS is pointing on a server where SiteVision is installed. To point a DNS, contact your IT department or the company you bought the www address from.

2. Set up the address as a secondary address on the house have as the primary address.

Do not fill in http:// here!

3. Go to the tab Alias beneath Website settings and add an alias named and set the target page to for instance  

Do not fill in http:// here!

This function requires the right Site properties.

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