It is necessary to install a certificate on the website in order to use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). The SSL enables secure traffic on the website.

Beneath this tab you can add a certificate through the interface and see an existing certificate (it will display the certificate located in sitevision/data/keystore/sitevision.keystore. Only certificates with the alias tomcat will be shown here.)


If you do not have a certificate you can create keystore and certificate here. Click the button Create.

Create CSR

A keystore will be created, if not already in place, and a certificate with the alias tomcat.

A new window will open:

Add information in the fields. Avoid Swedish specific letters when filling out the form.

Do not use å-ö "strange" characters in any of the fields when creating a CSR-request.

Click OK. Copy and paste the CSR-request below to a CA.
The CSR-request is also saved beneath SiteVision/data/keystore/sitevision.csr on the server.
If a certificate already exists when clicking the Create button there will be warning that the old certificate will be replaced by the new certificate.
Overwrite certificate

Import CA-response from file

If the CA-response will come a as a file from your supplier, click Import and browse to the file.

Import CA-response as text

Om CA-svaret kommer som text i ett mail eller direkt på leverantörens hemsida, kopiera svaret och klistra in det här.

Import CA-response

1. Create a certificate

Create a certificate beneath Server ->Server settings ->Certificate.

You need to be logged on as the System user.

2. Set up HTTPS on the physical server

If using the web server Tomcat do the following:
1. Open the file server.xml. It is located beneath sitevision/server/conf/server.xml

2. Find the following code string:

Skärmdump på kodstycke
3. Remove the commenting of the paragraph beneath this line and type port 443 instead of 8443.
Skärmdump på port 443
4. Save
5. Restart the service

In order to see the server object you need to be logged in as the System user.

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