File icons

Beneath File icons you can decide what icons to use on the website. If you do not make any settings the SiteVision icons for for instance pdf, word and files will be used.

There is a small and a large alternative of all the icons. The large icons are used in portlets like Search and Fileshare. The smaller icons are used as link icons in the Text portlet.

File icons

Use default

Beneath File icons there is a list for the mapping of file icons. By default the alternative Use default is checked. There is a small icon and a large icon for each file extension.

Use default icon

Some types of files or folders only have a large icon by default:

default icon for folder

This means it currently does not have a link icon. The small icons are only used as link icons in the text and table portlet (if you link to another type than html).

No icons

If you select this alternative there will be no icons for this type of file. If you choose to not display any icons on for instance a .bmp there will be no icon when adding that type of file in the fileshare.

No file icons

When you choose No icons you will have an exclamation mark on that type of icon in the list so you can see it has been changed.

Custom settings

Here you can make custom settings for the types of files where you would like a specific icon. Choose Custom settings and locate the icons by clicking the Select button.

Screenshot of extension mapping

In this example we highlighted bmp and selected the Large icon.

The measures for a small standard icon is 8*8 pixels.
The measures for a large standard icon is 16*16 pixels.

When choosing Custom settings you will have an exclamation mark on that type of file in the list so that you will know it has been changed.

To add a custom file extension

Click the plus sign in order to add a custom file extension, not already in the list. A new window will open:

Add a new file extension

Click ok. The new file extension will appear in the list. Choose Custom settings and browse to an icon (large or small). Click ok.

Example of custom file extension

This function requires the right Site properties.

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