Content areas

Beneath this tab you can add content areas and template areas to use when creating templates. You use them to define names for areas.

Content areas

A content area is an area highlighted for the user. This is the area the user can add custom content on a web page. Content areas are also used to create names in the HTML code (bookmarks) so that for instance seeing impaired are able to find their way straight to the contnent.

Template areas

A template area is used to mark that an area can be edited in another template based on the current template.

Name the content areas/template areas different so they do not get mixed up. Click the plus sign in order to create a new content area/template area. A new window will open where you can type the name of the area.
Screenshot of the window new area
Click the Properties button to edit the name of the area. In order to sort the areas in a field you select the desired area and then use the up or down arrow.

Two content areas or template areas on a page must not have the same name!

It is good if a content area has the same name on all the templates. For instance, name all the middle columns to middlecolumn. If you switch the template on a page, usually the content does not follow to the new template. But if you switch template on a page to a different template with the same name on the content areas, usually the content is added on the new page.

This function requires the right Site properties.

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