Here you setup so you can mark portlets with CSS class name who are linked in through Additional HEAD elements or Insert custom CSS. It is also possible to declare custom css rules here instead of making custom additions to the css file.

When you have added a css class name on the website you can mark portlets with these by right clicking on the portlet and choose Properties ->Appearance->Decorations.

Css class name with declaration

Click the plus sign beneath the list in order to add a css class name. Add the needed information:



Work name in SiteVision for the css class name.


If desired, a description of the css class name.


Css class name

Here you add the class name you would like to mark portlets with. You either have a linked in class name (via Additional HEAD elements) or you create a new css class name by declaring it in the box.

Declare css rule

If you would like to define a custom css rule for this class name you do that here. Add the css in the box. Finish rows with semi kolon (;). In the example below we have defined a css class namn named clear where we have declared in css how a flow should be closed.

declare a css rule

This function requires permission to "Manage template fonts".

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