Decorations are predefined settings for appearance on portlets/layouts. Decorations are created to reuse settings like margins, color or custom style templates. The settings on the tabs Margins and Appearance beneath Properties are saved.

Decorations are easy to maintain and update. If you would like to update the appearance of a decoration you do that centrally and all portlets using the specified decoration will be updated with the new appearance.

There are two ways to create decorations:

  • Right click on a layout/portlet and save the current settings from one layout/portlet.
  • Create a decoration template where you can save the settings from several layouts/portlets.
Beneath the tab Decorations all saved decorations are displayed in a list:


Click the plus sign to add a new decoration template. You need to have created a decoration template already, here you only activate the desired template.

A new window will open where you select which decoration template to activate. When clicking Ok the new decoration will be located in the list. It can then be used by editors.

Add new decoration template


If you click the properties button a new window will open where you can change name on the decoration and edit the settings for appearance made on the tabs Margins, Toolbar, Appearance, and Borders beneath settings for a layout/portlet.

Properties for decoration

You will also reach this window by double clicking the name of the decoration in the list. If you change a decoration the change will be effective globally on the entire website where the decoration is used.


You can sort the order of the decorations using the up and down arrows.

This function requires permission to Manage decorations. In order to save a decoration the right Manage webpage layout is required.

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