Beneath this tab you can activate different definitions of words, abbreviations, acronyms, and definition of words. Words which have an explanation will be marked on the website with a dotted line beneath.

This function requires that you have created metadata definitions.


Activate automatic definition of words

Check this box in order to activate definition of words for the entire website.

Minutes between dictionary update

The function is based on metadata and search. When a new definition of a word has been added a new search index must be built. By default the function builds a new search index every hour. You can increase or decrease the time between each update. If changes are rare on the definition of words, you should increase the time between updates.

Select metadata definition for


Here you select the metadata definition already created for word.

Definition of word

If you would like to display the definition in a tool-tip (when the mouse is hovering the word) you select the metadata definition here created for the definition of word.

Skärmdump på ordförklaring exempel

It is also possible to add phrases.

Try to avoid adding words both as words and in a phrase. If a word is explained both as a single word and in a phrase, usually it is only the word highlighted in the text. The only exception is if the word is the last word in the phrase.

Words added should not begin with a special character, only letters or numbers.

The dictionary function is case sensitive, see the examples below:

Example: added word strawberry -> hit on strawberry and Strawberry but not STRAWBERRY, the dictionary manages a capital letter in the beginning but not more.
Example: added word Strawberry -> hit on strawberry and Strawberry but not STRAWBERRY.
Example: added word STRAWBERRY -> hit on strawberry and STRAWBERRY but not Strawberry.

If you add several words in an article comma separated for instance: Annica, Ulrika, Malin you will have a hit on the entire section"Annica , Ulrika , Malin " but also on every single comma separated part.

Presentation of defined word

Mark words in these portlets

Click the button to see a list of all the available portlets in SiteVision. Here you decide which portlets the dictionary should be active for. For instance the text portlet, table portlet, or the news portlet.

Only mark the first hit of every word per page

Check this box if only the first occurrence of a word should be highlighted as a definition of word. Otherwise there might be plenty of highlighted words.

Mark words from portlets located in templates

If you would like the definition of words to be active also for portlets in templates you check this box.

Use custom template for presentation

Here you can edit the appearance for how abbreviations, acronyms and definitions are displayed. By default the words are shown like below:


Abbreviation: A red dotted line beneath the word

Skärmdump på akronym exempel

Acronym: A green dottet line beneath the word

Skärmdump på ordförklaring exempel

Definition of word: A blue dotted line beneath the word

Types of declarations

Activate abbreviation/acronym/definition of words

Here you select which types of definitions should be displayed on the website. For each type you would like to display you need to select the metadata definition for dictionary type and add the value, exact the same as in the metadata definition. Click ok.

An acronym is an abbreviation created by the first letter in every word, for instance IKEA (I for Ingvar, K for Kamprad, E for Elmtaryd och A for Agunnaryd)

Screenshot of the window Configure abbreviations

This function requires the right Site properties.

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