Custom top hits

Search word mapping

Here you set the results that will come first ( and the results which should not be showned at all) by searching on specific keywords.

Add search word mapping

Press the plus button to add a search word mapping. A new window opens :

Add search word mapping


Here you enter the keyword, which shall have one or more priority hits.

Keywords must be entered exactly as uppercase and lowercase plays a crucial role! Though the check box "Use multiple word casing" as you decide on the priority meetings only apply to the keyword or also apply to some variations in terms of upper / lower case. The keyword variations that are automatically created when the box is checked are:

  • Exactly as you entered it
  • Lowercase letters
  • Only caps
  • Initial Joint
  • "Meaningful", that only the first letter capitalized and then lowercase letters
  • "Caps lock down," ie, initial lowercase, then uppercase letters.

If you want to prioritize the hits regardless versal-/lowercase combination you must add a mapping for each individual keyword. This can become difficult to administer and to avoid this you can get some help by checking the "Use multiple word casing" box. Then automatically duplicated keyword mapping to do for several different keywords (see below for examples).

An example illustrating the differences in keyword matching

Option 1: You enter "SiteVision" as keywords, and do not check in "Use multiple word casing"

No use of "Use multiple word casing"

The top hit list for the keyword " SiteVision " will only be registered for the keyword :

  • SiteVision

Option 2: You enter " SiteVision " as keywords , and check " Use multiple word casing "

Use of "Use multiple word casing"

The hit list for the keyword " SiteVision " will be recorded for the keywords :

  • SiteVision
  • sitevision
  • siteVision
  • Sitevision

Top hits

Here is a list of results that should come first in the search results for the query that the above keyword . The order of the sessions can be sorted with the "up arrow " button respectively . " down arrow " button.

Press the plus button to select the Match . A new window will open. The window looks different depending on where the search index is located (on the server object or on a website ) .

Add top hit - on the server

Add top hit - on the website



Match Scroll up / specify which hit the case ( the hit must be indexed for it to work ) .

Note! If you want to " point out " a file or image in a server index, you must enter its ID number . Browsing in image archive file archive is only available on custom index posted on the Site level.


If you check this box, youre hit will be excluded from the search results . Simply a way to simply delete the results from a search result !

Remove top hits

Highlight the hit and press the minus button.

Changing the top hits

Highlight the mapping and press the Properties button. A window will open where you can change the current settings.

This function requires license for "Search packages 1"

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