Under this tab, you enable the grids on the site and make settings for them . A grid is used to build templates on the site. A grid contains rows and columns that serves as a template where you can place your design (text, image , etc. ) for it to be consistent and clear .

The settings of a grid on the website includes set width , spacing between columns , how many columns should be used and whether the grid should be centered or not. Then you use grid lines and grid columns to lay out the content .

When you have enabled a grid on the site , you can use it when building templates. It is also, like layouts, possible to use on individual pages .


Grids are used to facilitate the process of building templates in SiteVision. Since all widths and margins for the grid and its columns are set up centrally makes it easier to build a design with consistent appearance .

Enable grids on site

When enabled grids , it is possible to build templates and web pages with grids . It is then possible to add grids , rows and columns outside on the sides.

It is essential to activate the grids if you are going to build a responsive web .

The default grid is the one to be used when selecting "Add to grid" on the web pages.

Add grid

Click the plus button to add a grid on the site. A new window opens :

Lägg till grid

Enable grid

Check this box written gridet in the CSS file . It allows one to keep the old grid (which for some reason do not want to throw away ) but you can then deactivate.


The working name of the grid in SiteVision .

Rename to something descriptive ( for example 12 spalter) so everyone knows who works with the twelve columns

CSS class name

Class name used for the entire grid message

CSS class names must be unique!


The output width of the grid. The width we will assume when we generate the CSS. One can say that it corresponds to the width of the site that uses the grid.

Fluid width

When the window size becomes smaller than the width of the grid, this setting begins to apply. If you have set the grid to be 960px but the window is only 900px wide then the grid will only be a certain percentage of it.

This applies only to layouts that are flexible grid, it has no effect on fixed grid. It also does not apply when stacking, columns takes up 100% of the surface.

Number of Columns

Here you set how many columns you want the grid to contain. A good number could be 12, 16 or 24.

Margin between columns

How much space you should have between columns in the grid. The margin between columns times the number of columns may not exceed the width of the grid. For example, if a grid has 12 columns, you can not have 90 px margin if the total width is 960px (12 * 90 = 1080px).

Center the grid

If the grid will be centered or not.

Remove grid

To remove a grid , select it in the list and click the minus button to the right.

Properties on the grid

To change a grid, select it in the list and click the Properties button to the right .

Default grid

Select the grid in the list that you want to be the default . It is that grids number of columns that will appear in the right-click menu when adding a grid column. .

This feature requires that you have permission to " Manage grids " .

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