HTML extraction

Sometimes you might want to extract all static content from a web page in order to run the website on a server that does not have SiteVision installed, tutorial is found here. You can then use the html extraction to extract everything dynamic on the website and display a version with only static content.

The HTML extraction is licensed, hence you need to have the function in your SiteVision license in order to see and use the function.

Only public pages will be included in the he HTML extraction.

Step 1: HTML extraction settings

1. Optional: Type a system message to display instead of the portlets not included in the HTML export. Right click on the website, choose Website settings, and the tab HTML extraction.

If you do not wish to display a message for the visitors you leave the field empty. It is possible to write text, HTML, or Velocity in the field.

Step 2: Select portlets to exclude

2. If you do not do anything and export the entire website to HTML in step 3, everything will be exported. The dynamic functions will be visible but not function. Therefor you should exclude all dynamic portlets so that the extraction will become a working static website.

The tab Exclude options is available on all portlets and is by default not checked. Therefor you need to actively go to all pages with dynamic portlets and check the box  Do not render. Thereafter you can select what to display instead.

  • Default (System message): If you would like to display the system message, filled in beneath step 1
  • Empty: Om man inte vill visa något meddelande.
  • User defined (State below): If you would like to add a specific message for a portlet you add the message in the field below.

Step 3: Export to HTML

3. Right click on the server object SiteVision Server and choose the option Export to HTML.

Screenshot of the option export

4. A new window will open. Here you start the export and you can choose if you would like to have a directory with todays date.

Screenshot of the export pages window

The export will be saved on the server in a directory stated in the configuration file /sitevision/custom/conf/ (or Windows/NetWare depending on platform). There is a line: sitevision.export.html=/var/opt/sitevision/export/html which creates a directory where the export will end up. By default there will also be a directory named html.


Here you select the website to be exported to static HTML. Browse to the selected website.

Create date folder

If you make extractions often it might be a good idea to date the directories. Check the box to create directories tagged with todays date beneath the selected directory.

If you are making an extraction of several websites the content will be saved at the same location hence overwriting the information. It is necessary to check this box to have several sub directories beneath the html directory when extracting several websites.

Schedule export

Check the box Configure job if you would like the extraction to be run at certain intervals. Depending on how you are using the extraction. Some uses the function for archiving every 6 months and others for making a copy each night to be used in case of problems with their website.

Set a start time and the desired interval. Then you click Add job. After this it is also possible to see the scheduled export in the scheduler on the server properties. Right click on the server, choose Properties, and the tab Schedule manager.

One time export

If you only would like to run one extraction at a certain time, there is no need to configure a job but only to click the button Run.

Step 4: To use the static web

5. In order for the extracted static web to be run it must be placed in the root directory of a web server. You can find a simple guide on the developer site on how to use an Apache webserver together with the html export.

If there are several extracted website on a web server you have to select the file to start. Otherwis the last added website will be run by default.

This function requires the right Site properties.

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