Search indexing

Settings for hits

In order to change the search engine indexing, click the arrow or link Change and propagate settings... a new view will show.

Visible in search result is default so that the internal search engine and the external search engines will find the page. If you would like to hide a page and it is hidden in menus you usually would like to hide this alternative as well, otherwise the page can be found though search engines.

Inherit settings

Will inherit settings from parent.

Change and propagate settings

With this option you cease the inheritance and decide if the new settings should be propagated or not. The options can be chosen:

  • Visible in search results
  • Hidden in search results

Local settings independent of inheritance

Existing propagation will stay but the current page will have a local setting.

This setting you can make on pages, images, files, and link pages. The built search engine will take new settings instantly whereas the external search engines like Google take some time to adapt the changes.


Here you decide on the priority the web page should have in searches. By default the setting is Normal. If you have a page you would like to have a higher priority you pull the arrow toward High.

If you would like the page to be the first in the search you set the priority to High.

Priority is made both for the internal search engine of SiteVision and for Sitemaps.

This setting requires permission to " Change the search priority".


Here you can see when the page was last indexed.


Click this button to start a reindexing of the page that is selected. (Note : A reindexing of the entire website is done through searchindex on the server object )


Show indexed

Clicking this button you can see what is stored for the page in the default index. ( Note that you therefore do not see the fields that are indexed but not stored . )

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