Here you can see your available licenses for SiteVision.

Add license

You can add a new license by clicking Add. A file browser will open where you can select a license file. You can also add a zipped license file (and gzipped). There can be more than one license file.

When you have added a new license, you need to go online so that SiteVision can read in eventual new functions.

Then you need to update roles with the new portlet/function.

License properties

To see what a license contains, hold the mouse pointer over the name and you can see the content of the license file in a tool tip.

Remove license

You can also remove a license file, select the file (by clicking on it) and click Remove.

License properties

Time limited licenses

Licenses can be time limited e.g. for testing. If you have a portlet with a test license it is marked with red in the portlet selector.

Screenshot of a test license

The scheduled portlet is also marked as red if you go to Security-Roles and Portlet rights:

License check

A license check is performed every night. A week before a license expires, an email is sent to Server responsible. Expired licenses are marked with red.

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