Best before

Beneath the tab Best before you can preset the Best before alternative always to be activated at publishing in order to remind the editors to update the page. It is also possible to add recipients and make some advanced settings for the content in the email.

Screenshot of the tab Best before

Best before notification

Use best before by default when publishing

If you check this box, the alternative Best before will always be activated when publishing a page. It sets a date from the number of months chosen. If you select one month, the best before date will be one month ahead from the publishing date.

If the editor already has set a Best before date, this date will stay (the system will not suggest another date) but you can manually change the date if desired.

Best before recipients

Here you can add recipients of the notification. If you don't add any recipients the notification will go to the person who published the page.

To add an recipient, click the plus sign. A new window will be open:

Add recipients

Here you can add recipients in four different ways:

  • Mail address - here you can fill in an mail address .
  • Site responsible- use site responsible e-mail address.
  • System value - use the mail address from one of the system values: Created by, Last modified by and Last published by.
  • Metadata - use the mail address from one of the websites metadata, for example Responsible.


By default the date is set to six months.

Screenshot of the publishing wizard

Advanced e-mail settings

If you click the link Advanced e-mail settings there are more alternatives:


Type the subject line for the email here. E.g. This page should be revised.


Here you fill in the text content in the email.

Restore to default

This box you check if you would like the default content for the email.

This function requires the permission right Site properties.

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