Server monitor

Beneath this tab you can make settings for the log level and monitoring of the internal database size.
Tab server monitor

Log level

Here you can change the setting on the log levels for the SiteVision classes. There are five different log levels. From FATAL which writes minimum with information to the DEBUG level which gives the most information.
  • Fatal - Is used for the functions which makes the server unable to operate. E.g. the server object can not be created at start.
  • Error - Is used for error messages. All errors does not need to be serious.
  • Warning - Is used fairly uncommon. E.g. something the developer think you should have a look at.
  • Info - Information about what the system is doing. Something has started, been stopped etc.
  • Debug - Will write all the above log levels. Will give the most information as the developer have use for. E.g. you can follow flows easily.

Each level will log for its level and all levels above. That is, if you select the log level WARNING it will write the levels WARNING, ERROR, and FATAL in the log.

Log level
Select the desired log level and click the button SAVE.

Advanced: Configuration used by log framework

Here you can decide on how the log should be made in SiteVision. It is possible to decide on specific log levels for certain classes or packets.

This is only usable if you have custom made portlets and would like to adjust the log level for certain classes or packets or when performing advanced error search.

For more information about Log4j configuration: link, opens in new window

advanced server log

Monitor internal database size

Here you can adjust the monitoring of the internal database size. If the database is large it might indicate something is wrong. The size of the database depends on the number of website and number of webpages/images on the website.

The default setting is to warn when the database size if larger than 10 GB. A mail will be sent once a day to the server responsible.

It is not possible to change this size to smaller than 1 GB.

In order to see the server object you need to be logged in as the System user.

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