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If a website is non public, login is required in order to read the page, e.g. an intranet. This settings is made beneat SiteProperties ->Security->Access control and you uncheck the box Page is public.
page is non public
This implies you need to give all people access, even the people who are only going to read information on the website. You can do this in a number of ways:
  • Add the root on the directory and give all read rights. Observe, the user will need to log on manually in order to read.
  • You can set up that an ip address range automatically have read rights on the website. Hence, the user do not need to login. This functionality is included in the SiteVision Portal and the SiteVision Enterprise but is add on functionality in SiteVision Professional.
  • You can set up aSecure cookie which means the system will remember the password on a computer the first time you log on. Thereafter the user will be automatically logged on. This functionality is included in SiteVision Portal and SiteVision Enterprise

The templates, image archive, filearchive and the forum are not going to be public, unless changing the access control for these objects. If order for the users to have access to all these objects you can add all logged in users or the entire root in the directory (where all the users are lying in) and give them permission rights on these objects.

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