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If the website is public there is no login necessary in order to read the page, this is the default setting for the website. This setting is made beneath Siteproperties->Security->Access control and check the box page is public.
Page is public
Since permission rights are inherited from the website templates, image archive, file archive and the forum will become public, unless you change the access control for these objects.

When the website is public you only need to adjust the access control for the people that should have access to the editing mode in SiteVision.

Public website but one page requires login

If you have a page beneath this website that should be protected with login in order to read the information, do the following:

1. Go to the page that should not be accessible for everyone.

2. Choose Properties on the page. Select Security and the tab Access control. Uncheck the box Page is public. The page can now only be read by logged in users with at least the permission Read on the page.

Ej publik webbsida
3. Add the groups/users that should have access to the page. Click the plus sign in order to add a user. Search or browse to the desired group/folder/user, highlight in the list and click OK.

4. Highlight the group/folder/user in the list to the left and check the desired role e.g Read if the user only should have read rights.

give permission rights
5. Click Ok. Save the page.

Only logged in users can now access the information. Now you can create a page, that is public, with a login portlet that directs the user to the nonpublic page.

Observe! If you do not want all users to have access to the page, uncheck the box Allow propagation from parent. Then all users not set up on the current page will disappear.

Observe! Remember to give the people that should have access to the page the correct permission rights on the page.

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