Responsiv webb

Responsive web means building a site that customizes appearance depending on the screen resolution that the visitor has . This means for example that the same site may be different for the visitor if it comes in to the website with a computer, a tablet or mobile phone.

Under this tab , you activate this feature and set the breakpoints - when appearance to change.

Responsiv webb

Enable responsive web on site

If you want to build a responsive web then you should enable this check box. It means:

  • Automatic resizing of image portlets and YouTube portlets.
  • Any breakpoints will be activated (printed in the CSS)
  • You will get the settings show /hide in breakpoints on portlets and layouts


Here you can add, change, delete and sort breakpoints.

Add breakpoint

Click the plus button to add a breakpoint . A new window will open.

Add breakpoint

The order of the breakpoints are important if you have overlapping breakpoints and want to influence the same property , then the one who is last in the list is most important. Sort breakpoints with the largest on top , base themselves on the big screen - when the screen decreases the beats of the various breakpoints in retrospect.

Name (required)

'The working name for the breakpoint that will appear in SiteVision.


A description of the breakpoint so that editors / administrators understand when it is used and so on.

CSS class name (required)

Here you enter a CSS class name for its breaking point. Based on what you enter here will generate two class names:

  • sv-visible- <class name>
  • sv-hide- <class name>.

These will be used when to hide/show things in breakpoints.

The minimum width

Here you set from which the minimum width that the breakpoint to apply.

Maximum width

Here you set the width to which the breakpoint applies to.


Here you can add connections to the grid in order to be able to stack the columns in the specific grid.

Stack columns

This setting applies if you build with grids. If you check this box, then all columns that are stacked on each other instead of next to each other.

Margin between the stacked columns

Here you can set a margin that appears when stacking columns.

Use custom CSS

Here you can add custom CSS that will only be valid for this breakpoint.

This feature requires that you have permission to " Manage responsive web " .

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