Login requirements

Beneath the tab Login requirements you can add requirements to receive the permission rights for a certain role. E.g you might need to be within a certain IP range or use additional login methods.
Screenshot of the tab Login requirement

Add a login requirement

In order to add a requirement click the add button. If you add several requirements you need to decide if one requirement is sufficient or if all login requirements are needed, required). A new window will open:
IP requirement

IP address range

Here you can add an IP address range where the user needs to be located withing the IP range in order to gain access to the specific role.

If you have two different IP-ranges you need to create two (identical) roles where you set an IP address range for each specific role.

Control flag

There is also a control flag where you can state
  • Sufficient - OR requirement, where it is enough to fulfill one on the requirements .
  • Required - AND requirement where both requirements are necessary to fulfill in order to belong to a certain role.

It is also possible to add several IP range to a role but then it is important to set a control flag Sufficient on the requirement i.e. the user needs to fulfill one or the othere requirement for IP address range.

OBSERVE! If you only add one login requirement you do not need to consider the control flags since the added requirement is mandatory to fulfill the requirement.
Secure login method


ecure login method

Here you can set that the user needs a secure login method in order to gain access to the role. It is possible to choose between webtoken, smstoken, secureid, testlogon, mIDStatic, mIDOnline or LDAP.
Scriptable requirement

Scripable requirement

Here you can add a Java Script to perform a control to see if the user is qualified for the role.

Remove login requirement

In order to remove a login requirement, select the one to remove in the list and click the remove button.


If you would like to edit a login requirement, select the one to edit and click the properties button.


If you would like to sort the login requirements select a requirement in the list and click on the up or down arrow.

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