Underneath this tab , you can specify a role in the creation of articles and add RSS feeds from other sites.


Security role

Add role for article creator

This setting is for those users who do not have as much rights on the website but still should have jurisdiction in the article they create to allow themselves to go in and change or delete his article . This requires that everyone should have the opportunity to create an article permission to " Create Article " in the news archive . For example, the entire communication department . They then assigned to the role that singled out here in the settings for news. The list contains all roles on the website.

Import of external RSS sources

Beneath the tab RSS import you can add the external RSS sources you would like to use on the website. RSS is short for Rich Site Summary and is a standard format for transfering news headlines on the web. SiteVision can fetch data from an external RSS source and is automatically updated when new news have arrived. Your website will be easily updated with the latest news.

When opening the tab you will see already added RSS sources:

In order to add a new RSS source, click the plus sign. A new window will open:

Here you add the URL to the RSS compatible feed, give the URL a description and decide how often the source should be updated. In order to show the news from the RSS source you utilize the News portlet.

Empty item cache if the connection is lost

This box you can check if you would like the cache to be emptied if the connection is lost. Then there will be no news showing. If you do not check this box and the connection is lost, there will only be "old news" showing.

In order to find addresses to external RSS feeds you can for instance search on Google for RSS.

If you would like to provide your own news through an RSS feed, you make these settings in the News portlet..

This function requires the right Site properties.

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