Search engine information

Skärmdump på fliken Sökmotorinformation


Index size

Information about the physical size of index on the page and number of indexed objects (image/file/page).

Removed objects

Number of removed objects


Physical path on the (server that's running SiteVision) to index.


Execute query

Here you can state a search question in order to receive complete information about the search index, can be of value when developing advanced search scripts.

Remove deleted documents

If you would like to. you can manually clean the search index. This is normally done when hits are found on deleted documents. Here you can do it manually, is only done at rare occasions.

Current queue

The amount of objects in the indexing queue that are waiting to be indexed.

Execution time

How many seconds the indexer are allowed to execute before taking a break.


When you click the Start button a new window will open where you select from where the reindexing should begin.

The id number can be found by right clicking on a page and choosing Properties. Beneath Address you will find the id number (remove .html).

If having a large web site a reindexing can take some time. If having a large index (many/large web sites) we recommend you do reindexing on off hours.

Denna sida publicerades: 2016-03-08

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