Server address

An address for the server to use when calling itself.

The server address must be working correctly in order for the search engine to do indexing.


Server port, by default 80.


Sessions timeout

Maximum duration of an anonymous visitors browser session on the web site.

Trash can

Use trash can on server

If you select this option you get trash from the websites emptied into the servers trash can. If you by mistake delete the entire web site you can find it in the server trash can and it can easily be restored.

W3C validator


If you decide to activate"Validate the page with W3C on publishing" on the web site, this is the address it will send the page to. All information will be sent to W3C for testing.

If you for some reason do not want to send page information to W3C, the editors might not be allowed to surf the internet, you can download the test from W3C and run it locally. Then you should add the local address to the W3C installation here.


Help server address

This is the address to SiteVisions onlinehelp. If you have your own website with documentation that you would like to use, you will need to state the address here.

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