Mail service

Mail service

Server responsible

Email address

The email address to the one responsible for the server. For instance can the server responsible receive messages regarding licenses about to expire, if the server is running out of disc etcetera.

Email server configuration

Hostname, user, and password

The address and username to a SMTP-server that allows relaying.

Sender email address

The email address which will be stated as sender on automatically generated emails e.g. subscriptions unless you already have added a sender on the page where the subscription is setup.

Send message

When the settings are made for the email server you can perform a check to ensure it is working properly. Click the button Send message.

New messages

A message will be sent to the Server responsible. The message will be shown in the side list benath Message and will also be sent to the email address stated.

Add an email address outside your own domain (e.g. to ensure you can send email outside your own organization. Click the plus sign to add a recipient.

Add another mail address
  • Mail address- Add optional email address
  • ctive users- Here you can send message to any user currently logged in. A list is shown with the current active users.

If the mail server settings are correct you will have a message in the message list and/or an email.

If the settings are incorrect you will have the following message when clicking OK. The error message is shown as text.

In order to have access to the server object you need to be logged in as the "system user".

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