Metadata is information about the page showing. It can be information to decide who the editor of a page is, or width and height of an image in the image archive.

A metadata field consists of two parts: a definition and an associated value for each page.

  • Metadata definition - The metadata definition contains the name and description of the field. It also contains settings, if the field should be mandatory and/or if the field should be indexed by the built-in search engine to make it possible to search on the metadata.
  • Metadata value - The metadata value is the value associated with the definition. For instance it can be a userdefined text value. A value can also be defined automatically by the system. An example is the latest user modifying the page.

On the tab Metadata you can see the metadata that are set up on the website:

Screenshot of the tab Metadata
To the right of the name of the metadata field there are two icons.
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Properties for metadata

Through this button existing settings for a definition can be changed. You can only change definitions that are added on the current page. If you want to change a definition that is inherited (the description has a grey color) you have to do this on the page where the definition was added. Most definitions are added on the website (the start page).

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Remove metadata field

Removes a definition and all associated values.

At the bottom you can see two additional icons:

Inherit metadata definitions

If the checkbox is ticked metadata fields configured on pages situated above the current page are included as well. If you would like to brake the inheritance you uncheck this box. Then the only metadata definitions that will show are the ones set up on the page.

Add metadata definition

You can add a new metadata field on the current page by clicking this icon.

Metadata has to be published to appear online.

Sort metadata fields

By clicking this icon you can sort existing metadata fields. A new window will open where all metadata fields will appear. Highlight desired metadata field and use up/down arrow to change the order of the sorting.

Screenshot of sorting of metadata

It is only the users who have the permission to Manage metadata definitions who can add, remove and change existing metadata definitions.

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