Beneath this tab you can set the rules for how SiteVision access external resources for instance link checks or RSS. In order to add a rule, click in the list and type the text.
Screenshot of the Proxy tab


Here you set if the rules should be for IP numbers, domain names or everything. There are six different rules available to set up:

IP number

For instance:


For instance:

Domain name

For instance:

*.domain name

For instance:*

domain name.*

For instance: www.senselogic.*
* : Everythin, everything goes through the proxy.
It is also possible to combine the rules e.g if you need two IP numbers you type:,

Proxy host

Here you add the proxy host and port number for the different rules. For instance:

The order of the list is of importance. It is possible to have several rules and they are performed according to the order of the list.

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