Settings for template font

Here you decide on the appearance for the template font. You can adjust:

Editorial information


​New font is the default name for a new font. Click the field to change the name.


Add an extra description to the template font, e.g. "First heading". This text will be shown when hovering the template font in i portlet.

Screenshot of font settings


Font face

Here you can select between Arial, Georgia, Courier, Helvetica, Times New Roman, and Verdana. These are so called web safe font faces, that is, most users have these on their computers.

A tip! If you would like to use a different font face you can type it in the box. You need to fill in the name completely for instance "Trebuchet MS". Since, this font is not available by default on several computers it is a good idea to add more font faces, comma separated.

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The color of the template font. The colors to choose from is set as website colors.


The most common size units are available to choose in the list. You can also type a desired size. All sizes are measured in pixels by default.

Observe! Read the section about Relative units below if you would like to use relative units.

Line height

The height for the template font. Normal is default 120%. Here you can fill in percent for instance if you would like to increase the line height.

Font style

Here you make more settings for the template font:

  • Bold -If the template font should be bold you check this alternative.
  • Italic -Check this alternative if the template font should be italic.
  • Decorated links -If the font should be underlined when linked you check this alternative. Usually this is activated for ordinary text and deactivated for menus headings and so on.
  • Resizable -The template font will scale when using the portlet Style resize. Check this box if the template fonts are created in pixels and the website is based on dynamic templates. If using relative units (em or percent) you only need to check this box on the template font BODY.

Preview text area

In this box you can preview your settings. To the right there are three buttons (gray, white, black) who decide the background color for the preview box. Click a button to switch color and improve readability for e.g. white text.

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