Virtual groups

Here you can add groups not related to LDAP. There are two occasions where you can use this:
  • If you have developed a custom JAAS portlet where you would like to match the login with something other than LDAP (e.g. database).
  • If using the login method CAS, all users logging in with this method will belong to a virtual group named CAS. (The identification name must be CAS for the virtual group).

You need to activate virtual groups beneath the tab Authentification configuration. The buttons (plus sign, minus sign and the properties button) will then become activated.

Virtual groups tab


Click the plus sign in order to add a virtual group. A new window will open:

add virtual group

Identification name (JAAS)

Here you add the name used in the JAAS portlet that you would like to match the log in with.

Name displayed in lists

Working name used for the virtual group in SiteVision.


If you would like to add a description about the virtual group.


Here you can create virtual groups assigned to the user based on various criteria in the directory when the person logs in. Click the plus button to add a directory critera , address criteria or attribute criteria .


Select the virtual group in the list and click the minus sign.


To edit the virtual group, click the properties button or double click the name in the list.

Add on functionality included in the Portal or Enterprise licence.

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