Beneath the tab Statistics you can choose what pages you would like to generate statistics for. Highlight the web page you would like statistics for and choose Properties and the tab Statistics. This tab you can find on all pages. You can make decisions on timespan and if the result should be presented daily/weekly/monthly/yearly.

Statistics settings

Statistics for Page presentations/file downloads/ images downloads:

Here you decide what you would like to generate statistics for. By default Page presentations is checked, all pages will then be included in the report.

In order for the system to locate the file down loads the files must be located in the folder "Files on page" and not in the file archive and the alternative Include subpages during generation must be checked.

Include subpages during generation

The current page highlighted in the navigator is the page you will generate statistics for. If you would like to include subpages you check this option.

Only include unique hits based on IP numbers

If you select this option there will only be one hit per IP address regardless if the user has returned several times. Remember that all employees in an organisation might seem like they come from the same ip number if they are going through the same web proxy.

This is related to the time span. If you choose day you will have unique hits per day and if you choose weekly you will have unique hits per week, that is, a person's visits only count once that week. Generally you count unique hits per day.

If you would like the result monthly you need to choose unique hits daily and then manually count the number of hits for a month to have correct statistics. SiteVision's statistical function is only for giving an overview of the website statistics not to replace professional statistical programs.

Show statistics

Here you decide on how the statistics should be presented: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.


Specify the timespan (from and to) or set the Number of previous days.

Generate reports

When the settings are made you decide if you would like to generate the report now or to schedule the report.

Generate report now

Will open a new window where the statistics report will be generated.

Generating statistics

The statistical generation can take some time, up to 30 minutes if there are plenty of log files.

A new window will open with the result.
Skärmdump på presentation av statistik

Schedule report

Here you can choose to schedule a report. Once, Daily, Weekly, Monthly. The result will be sent to all recipients (comma separated).

Reports scheduled to be done only one time will be generated the following night. A weekly report is generated every monday and a monthly report will be generated the 1´st of every month. The reports will be generated at around 03.00.

Screenshot of report scheduling

Visa schemalagda rapporter

Här kan man se de schemalagda rapporterna som finns uppsatta.

Skärmdump på schemalagda rapporter

You must allow popup windows since the statistic is presented in a popup windows!

Date, users and search path is saved at a visit, if you change the search path the statistics can not be found (e.g. change the name on a page). You can always recreate the original search path and then generate the statistics.

This is a simple statistical function but the logs are saved on the server in the format "Common Log Format" so that they can be utilized by most log analytical programs, see below.

The visit logs can be found on the server or by surfing to http://<servernamn>/webdav/log.

This function requires the right Manage statistics.

Example of web log analysis software

There are a lot of different software/functions that aren´t dependent by the visitor log in SiteVision. Here are some examples:

Google Analytics

Free program gives log analysis on for instance search words, geographical, time periods, and traffic information for each link.


Vizzit is a swedish company and offers analysis and tools for statistics as a service. SiteVision has a portlet for using Vizzit. Read more on the Vizzit tab.

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