Structure roots

With structure roots you can create an alternate navigation through selecting existing pages with structure root and that way create a navigation of pages who in reality are located on different areas on the website.

Beneath the tab Structure roots you can create this view. If you for instance would like the editors who are adding news and press releases to have a menu option where they only see pages they are allowed to edit you can click the button. A new window will open:

Screenshot of the window new structure root

New structure root


Give the structure root a name.

Structure root

Here you select the folder/page to show in the menu in the navigator.

Save and update the page. In the menu in the navigator there are now an additional option:

Screenshot of structures in the navigator
If you choose Structures -> Newseditors you see the pages located beneath News in a navigation instead of showing the entire Navigator.
Screenshot of a structure root
Double click the name in the list or click the button Properties if you would like to edit a structure root.

Use the up and down arrow to change the order in the list.

This function requires the right Site properties.

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