With subscription users can subscribe for news or updates on a certain page.

Beneath Subscription you can make a page active for subscription. Then you can choose to notify subscribers when publishing a page.

Here you also manage the subscribers and make the settings for sender, subject, and the design of the message.

Screenshot of the tab subscription



Here you activate or deactivate a subscription, that is, possible to subscribe to.

Including all children

Tick this box to include sub pages of the subscription. The administration of the subscribers will take place on this page.


The name for the subscription. The name will show in the portlets Subscription list and My subscriptions.


When the user sign up for a subscription this description will guide the user. The name will show in the portlets Subscription list and My subscriptions.

Manage subscribers

Click the button Subscribers to administrate the subscribers of the page. A new wizard, Subscribers, will be opened.

Configure required e-mail settings formsubscription

If you click this alternative you can add a sender and configure the appearance for the email.

Configure sms settings for subscription

Here you set the SMS settings for the subscription.

Don´t forget to set return address!


An overview of the subscriptions on the webbsite.

Click the name of the subscription to get to the page where the subscriptions is activated.

The subscriptions in red are no longer active.

This function requires the right Manage subscriptions.

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