Template fonts

Centrally on the website template fonts are stored that are being used for all text formatting on the website, for instance for texts, tables and menus. Its function is to control that the appearance on the website always looks unite. This also makes it easier to change the appearance for the entire website.
Screenshot of the tab Template fonts

Beneath Template fonts are the fonts located that are available to use on the website. You can also add more template fonts here. There is no limitation to the amount to template fonts or the naming of these.

List with template fonts

To the left are the different template fonts shown. The name and the order shown is the same displayed in the different portlets using the templates. Furthest down there are buttons to create new template fonts and to change the order of them.

Add a template font

In order to add a template font you click the plus sign. A text New template font will be shown in the box to the left.

Change template font

Click the button Properties in order to adjust the settings for the highlighted template font. A new dialog will be opened with the settings for this specific template font.

Sort template fonts

Use arrow up and arrow down to to sort the template fonts. Make sure that the font used for plain text ("brödtext") is located at the top of the list. If a portlet is missing font settings the first font from the list will be used.

First are the template fonts labeled as paragraph fonts listed. Then the template fonts labeled as character fonts will follow. Learn more about paragraph fonts and character fonts.


To the right information about the template font that is hightlighted in the list is shown.

Predefined template fonts

When a new website is created there are by default four template fonts: text, heading, subheading and BODY. You can change both name and the settings for these template fonts

This function requires the permission right "Manage template fonts".

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