Template mapping

Here you make the default settings for template fonts in non configured portlets should be displayed on the website. These template fonts also rule the appearance for custom portlets.

Click on Text (default setting) on the row where you would like to change the template font. A list with the existing template fonts will open and you can choose the desired one.

Image caption & table caption

Furthest down in the list you can choose template font for image caption and table caption. These are chosen globally, you can not change this in the portlets.L

Show CSS style names as defined in JSR-168

Here you can select to display the template fonts according to their names in the portlet standard JSR-168 instead of the names used on them in SiteVision. This so developers, who are creating custom portlets, easier will be able to map the portlets.

Screenshot of css names

This function requires the right to Manage template fonts.

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