Validate text is a service that validates the text against write rules and readability index . The function Validate text means that you get an additional icon in the text portlet. When you click the icon, the text in the text portlet is sent to valideratext.se to test it against readability index and writing rules .


Settings for text validatorin in the text portlet

Here you can set the address and account details in order to "Validate text" should work. Then you can see the icon Validate text in the text portlet.

Validation Server

Address that Validate text sends the text to, https://www.valideratext.se/integration/sitevision/html Organization/html. The organization name that purchased the license for valideratext.se

User name

Username that you received from valideratext.se


Password that you received from valideratext.se


This is a third party product that requires a license , which is ordered at www.valideratext.se . You also needed a license in SiteVision to see the icon in the text portlet.

Spell checker

Accept combined Swedish words

Check this Accepts spelling correct two words that were merged . However, does not suggest the correct spelling word.

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