Beneath Versions you can see what available versions there are of pages on the web site. There are two types of versions.

  • Saved versions - Versions that have been actively saved.
  • Automatically saved versions- On publishing the system automatically saves the ten last versions.

Saved versions

The version you are working on is named Current version. There is also a version named Published version and it is the last published version.

Additionally you can actively save your own version and name them by clicking the plus sign (Create version). Remove a saved version by highlighting it in the list and click the minus sign.

Only content and metadata will be saved in the versions. Other settings will not be saved.

If you for instance would like to save a weekend version:
  • Before you make a weekend version, actively save an original version (which you later can retrieve).
  • Change the web page to the "weekend settings ". Save the version as Weekend version.
  • Publish the page.
  • After the weekend, go back to this view and select Revert version. A list with available versions will show. Select your saved version and Revert it.
  • The older version will show. Publish!

When changing a version you actively have to save a new version.

Automatically saved versions

Every time you publish a page, automatically there will be a version saved of the page. There are no signs to add or remove versions since these are saved automatically.

View/compare versions

You can see saved versions by clicking View. It is possible to compare different versions by holding down CTRL when selecting versions, and then click Compare (the view button will change name when highlighting several versions).

Display metadata for different versions

Only pages and page templates have versioned metadata. Folders, archives and file/images does not have different versions since these can´t be published.

To show metadata for different versions, highlight the text

To compare metadata for different versions, mark two different saved versions and click the icon Diff. A new window opens with the two versions:

On the top left there is a link "Metadata show":
Show metadata for versions
If you click the link there will be a table with all the metadata for that version:
Compare 1
Published version

Revert version

It is possible to revert to a saved version by selecting the desired version and then click Revert.

Versions only save a version of the content on the page, not the structure. Versions are only available for a certain page, not the complete web site.

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