Web page

Here you can change the settings for the current web page, for example background color.


Background color

If you would like to change the background color, choose one of the colors in the list.

Use background image

If you would like to change the background image of the selected web page you check the check box. Click the browse button and select the desired image. Choose position and if the image shall be repeated.


Show popup window "on load"

If you would like to show a popup window while the page is loading you check this box. It could be an important message or similar that you would like to display when the page is loading.

Remember that it is common to deactivate popup windows in browsers.

The page must be published in order for the popup window to appear.

Default settings

Default unit for size

Here you decide what unit for size should be the default when making unit settings on the website. Unless changing this setting, em (relative measure) is default on newly created web page and pixels are default on older websites. It is possible to choose between pixels, em, and percent.

Hence, if you choose em and then need to add a padding on a portlet you only need to click the arrow up or down in order to have the correct unit.

Preset unit

This function requires the permission right "Manage web page layout".

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