Website colors

Here you can add website colors. These are the predefined colors you find in color selectors in different portlets. For instance, add your company's profile colors so they are easy accessible for the editors. When setting up a limited number of website colors you make it easier to keep a uniform appearance of the website.
Screenshot of the tab website colors

List with website colors

To the left there is a list with the existing website colors. The name and the order is the same as shown in color selectors in portlets. Furthest down are icons for adding and sorting the colors.

Add website color

Click the plus sign in order to add a color. Furthest down in the list to the left there will be a New Color. To edit the name you click in the Name field and type a new name. You can also give the color a Description (optional). Choose a new color by clicking the button Choose color. A new window will open where you can select color from a scale, RGB or websafe colors, or through the tool. Read more about how to choose colors beneath the Color selector.

Activate high contrast color

Check this box to activate high contrast colors. Then you choose a color beneath High contrast color. When the visitors have chosen to display the website in custom mode with high contrast there will be high contrast colors showing instead of ordinary colors. If high contrast colors is not chosen by the visitor the ordinary colors will be shown.

Access control

Here you decide on who should have permission to use certain colors. Highlight the color you would like access control on and click on the Rights button. Then all portlets and roles for the website will show. Uncheck the portlets/roles you do not want to have access to the specific color.

Roghts for colors

This function requires the permission to "Manage website colors".

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