Here you add the names and addresses the website should respond to.
Screenshot of the tab website

Website addresses

Primary address

The DNS-address for the website. Fill in the primary address in the field.

This address will be used by SiteVision as the metadata value DC.Identifier. The primary address is also the adress used to write the canonical link. This is so that Google will interpret the information as 'an' information, regardless of the domain they enter (i.e. "" is the same as ""). If canonical is not used that may effect the rankings in Google (if Google realises that the information is "doubled").

Do not fill in http:// here!

In order for this to work the addresses also need to be pointed to the SiteVision server in the DNS server.

If you want to add a primary or secundary address containing å, ä or ö the address needs to be converted before added. You can convert the address at e.g.: link, opens in new window

If no editor URL is specified the primary address will be used for links attached in "Best-Before" mail, link check mail, and mail send from publishing flows.

Secondary addresses

Click the plus sign in order to add more addresses. A new window will open where you can add more addresses:

Screenshot of the window add address

If you for instance would like the users to be able to only type (and exclude the www) you state that here. You can also add more domains for instance and for the site here.

Do not fill in http:// here!

Specify editor URL

This address will be used instead of the primary address in links attached in "Best-Before mail", link check mail, and work flow mail. The editor URL makes it possible to direct links to a specific server in a cluster.

Fill in the entire URL here included the protocol (http:// or https://). The URL can not end with a slash (/).

URL style

Here you can change the URL style, how the addresses to the web pages are displayed. There are six different alternatives:

  • SiteVision standard
  • Path + shortname
  • Short name
  • Site shortname + shortname
  • Id
  • Friendly

Site shortname

Here you give a short name for the website in case it does not have a primary address.

Site information


Beneath the button Outline there are some statistics for the website. You can see the number of pages, articles, folders, link pages, templates, files, and images located on the website.

Screenshot of page statistics

This function requires the right "Site properties".

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