Publishing flows

Beneath the tab Publishing flows you find the flows created on the web site and you can create new flows.

In order to create a new publishing flow, click the plus sign. Then the following window will open:



Here you give the flow a fitting name.

It is mandatory to add a name for the flow.


Here you type a description of the flow.


Beneath the tab Design the actual publishing flow is created. A publishing flow must always have a start step and a publishing step. The start step is there by default when creating a new publishing flow.

Screenshot of the tab Design
In order to add a step. Click the plus sign. There are three available options, Revise, Review and Publish steps can be added.
Screenshot of adding steps in the flow


A reviser has the right to revise and change the page. The owner of the revise step is the one who becomes the reviser. It requires that the reviser has the right to write on the current page.


A reviewer is only allowed to review the page. The owner of the step will become the reviewer. The reviewer might only have the permission right to Review, i.e. it is possible for the person to review the page on line with Read as the only permission right on the current page.


This step is mandatory for all flows. Publishes the page.

Settings for all tabs

Settings for each step

For each step in the flow there are a number of settings connected to the specific step in the flow. These are located on the tabs General, Settings, Notification, and Owner. to the right of the publishing flow.

The startstep does not have an owner.

Tab General

Beneath this tab you name the current step and if you want you give the step a description. The name of the step is displayed in the history log together with a description of what has been done on the specific step(written by the owner when he attends to the flow). The description typed here will be sent as a message to the owner of a step when it is time to attend to the step.

The message you find furthest down in the side list.

Screenshot of Messages

Tab Settings

Tab settings

Decline action
Here you decide the action in the case of a decline. The available options are:

  • Abort - Will abort the publishing flow, already made changes in earlier steps will stay.
  • Continue - Will continue the process in the publishing flow regardless of the decline.
  • Restart - Will restart the flow, already made changes on the page will stay.

There is also a possibility to set the maximum time for a specific step and the action if the time limit is exceeded.

Action timeout (hours)
The maximum allowed time for a step to be attended to. If time is set to 0 the publishing flow will always wait for the current step to be attended to by either the owner or a person having the permission rights to attend to it.

Action on timeout
If the action timeout is set the action on timeout needs to be set. The available options are:Continue, Restart, Abort.

Mandatory comment
If this box is checked a comment is necessary for the action performed on the current step. It is checked by default.

The box is checked by default. That means the owner needs to perform an action. If the revising or reviewing step should not be interactive, i.e. be run without an owner performing an action you uncheck the box.

Send owner notifications via email
This box is checked by default. If an email should not be sent to the owner of the current step uncheck this box.

If the action for decline is Restart on the first revise step the consequence is that the revisor will receive a message that he has a task to perform.

Tab notification

notification tab
Select the users or the group who should receive the notification about the current step by clicking the plus sign.

Mail settings
Here you type subject and a message to the recipient.

Tab owners

Here you add the users or the group who are owners of the current step in the publishing flow. These are the people who should accomplish something on the specific step.
tab owner

Access control

Beneath the tab access control you can decide what roles should have access to the flow.

Tab access control
By default publishing flows are public (although they have to be activated beneath Settings) but it is possible to limit them to certain roles. In this example it is only the role Redaktör who have access to the publishing flow News.

This function requires the right "Manage workflow".

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